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Discover the history of the Bader Group

The Bader Group, a family business, founded several decades ago, is today a company in full expansion.

Recycling began in the 1850s

Vandelin, the company's great-grandfather, obtains the first scrap dealer's licence for the Valleyres-sur-Montagny site, where business begins. After several years, the main site moved to Yverdon, then to Sainte-Croix. At that time, waste was collected by cart, pulled by two horses. A few years later, the Bader family landed their first major project, for Montres Paillard. This was the beginning of their story with scrap metal. Little by little, the clientele grew and the business spread throughout the region, recycling a wide variety of materials: iron and metals, of course, but also animal hair, skins and manes to make toothbrushes, brooms, etc.


In the 1940s

In the 1940s, Gilbert Bader went into business for himself. Gilbert Bader and his van go door-to-door, collecting materials for recycling directly from customers. (insert photo of receipt)

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In 1950, Gilbert bought a house in Le Mont and converted the basement into a warehouse. From then on, he welcomed customers directly into his home.

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In 1998, the OREA law came into force, and Metabader Sàrl obtained the title of SENS recycler, making it one of just 17 companies or branches in Switzerland to date. This is thanks to Caroline Bader, who will develop all departments linked to authorizations and licenses, in particular that of official SENS and SWICO recycler.

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The new company settles permanently in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, with the acquisition of En Budron G1 and the infrastructure needed to welcome customers. Over the years, to keep pace with the growing number of customers and the lack of space, land was purchased in the surrounding area.

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In 2009, Image in R SA was created. This company recovers all electronic equipment, its business being the collection of SENS equipment.



Copper RCB SA was created in 2018 with the aim of recovering electrical cables in particular, to extract the copper.

In 2020, TFR Transports SA will complete the Group's range of services, offering transport throughout Europe. Always with a view to working locally, waste is recovered, transformed into raw materials and then resold in Switzerland and Europe.


In 2022, the Bader Group acquires Carbone & Fils Sàrl, a sister company of Metabader SA, based in St-Légiez la Chiésaz, with the aim of expanding activities on the Riviera. Comptoir du Bois SA, in Cugy, active in the purchase and sale of wood, as well as in real estate, joins the Group the same year. Also in 2022, Motorec SA, in Avenches, was created to recycle engines.


Expansion continues apace in 2023. The Bader SA Group expands into the Bernese Jura with the acquisition of Moeschler Transports Sàrl, and into the Valais region with the takeover of Grept Frères SA and SARE-cycle SA. In the canton of Vaud, part of the business of Ducret frères SA and R-M BLATTI Multitransports SA was acquired. Several plots of land and buildings also became Group property during the year. At the same time, the Bader Group became a public limited company. It was also in this year that the Group suffered a major blow with the loss of one of its directors, Alain Bader. His kindness and big heart will continue to accompany the family spirit that reigns in the company.



Further plans are underway for 2024, with national expansion and closer ties with competitors.

Alongside its recycling activities, the Bader Group is also active in real estate, with properties located throughout the canton of Vaud. Also with a view to reducing our impact on the planet, solar panels are installed, or are in the process of being installed, on all the Group's buildings.

The Bader Group is committed to working with local players in a high-quality way, and to controlling its entire value chain. With this in mind, the Group has obtained ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications, which are due in 2022.

In a few figures, the Bader Group represents 25 companies, spread over 14 sites, with almost 200 employees, generating sales of around 150 million a year, much of which is reinvested in company development and the acquisition of real estate and state-of-the-art machinery.

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